Voldewan: Gok Fran’s very own fashion blog!

1 Jan

A column on the dark arts of hiding the “problem areas” of your body fashionably. Because women can’t feel good unless others say they look good.

Gok Fran is the saviour of modern womanhood. He takes women with heartbreakingly low self-confidence due to their physical deviations from idealized images of beauty and, instead of helping such women to free their minds from this sexist pressure for feminine perfection, he puts them in spanx body suits and trusses them up like Christmas turkeys! But not just any Christmas turkey, no matter what the lady’s personal style, it’s the same “confident” Mad Men/air hostess/1950s Republican Lady inspired Christmas turkey!

 Then, Gok Fran assists his “girlies” into his personal collection of body control underwear – or should we call it scaffolding (but only after being tanned, waxed, coiffed and made-up) for comment by family, friends and the reality TV-consuming nation! Why? Because women are only “empowered” when they receive public approval of their bodies! Gosh! As Gok Fran points out on his own gokwan website, he has encouraged women everywhere, even those that deviate from our mainstream ideas of beauty, to “strip for the nation!” How patriotic! After all, the role of all women, not just those on FHM’s sexiest ladies list, is to sexually titillate, and Gok Fran is helping us all to do just that! That’s why we’ve given him his very own fashion column in which he aims to help all you wannabe Natural Women to dress how you should and strip like you should!

By Gok Fran and Jolene

 Hey girlfriends!

Lots of New Year kisses and hugs from your Aunty Gok Fran! Loves ya!

Your Aunty Gok

Your Aunty Gok

Look what I dragged out the hedge today! It’s Jolene! A florist from Slough! Oh my days! Jolene, you have been a naughty girl – you’re a style disaster and your frizz is a disgrace! Come here cheeky, it’s time to give you a Gokover!

Shrinking violet Jolene's confidence is at an all time low

Shrinking violet Jolene’s confidence is at an all time low

Jolene hates her flabby waste and saddlebags, whilst I want to take control of her bootilicious bangers! Yummy! Belts (and a little masking tape) are key to body confidence.

Fat control

Bish bash bosh! Jolene’s all measured up post curve control procedure.

measuring up

Create the all- important illusion of a feminine waist in a flirty pink belt. The tighter the better, sista! Watch the men flock…

belting up

Add some customized peep-toes for instant glamour… and their slimming too. Pump up the sassfactor within an inch of your life! OUCH!

shoe fitting

Jolene is now in full bloom after her gorgeous Gokover! I’ve put a bang on trend twist on the classic little black dress. Jolene oozes Jackie O style sans the sunglasses. Her silk headscarf covers her frizz by day and doubles up as an elegant cape by night. The A –line cut of the dress covers all manner of body sins and the retro peep-toes reflect the femininity of the corsage collection resting above her lil pups.  Very simple,very sophisticated, very me.


Goodbye to all my bootylicious girls from your Aunty Gok! Don’t forget to buy my gorgeous beauty, spectacle, make-up, fragrance, daywear, evening wear, underwear and scented tampon ranges! And watch out for me in case I catch you unawares and squeeze ya baps in the street! Loves ya! XXXX P.S. It’s my way or the highway.

Gok and Jo


4 Responses to “Voldewan: Gok Fran’s very own fashion blog!”

  1. Helen January 25, 2013 at 6:37 pm #

    Love this Jo, taking note of all your tips!

    • NaturalWoman January 25, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

      Hey Helen! Hope you’ve got your waistbelts on down in London girlfriend! How’s it going? Did you find a sassy flat? xxx

  2. Top Colleges in Delhi India June 28, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    Really inspiring thoughts to make girls more confident. All your tips are easy to follow and the change is not so easy to ignore! Like your work a lot!
    Keep it up Gok!

    • NaturalWoman June 29, 2013 at 10:13 am #

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. However, I think you have interpreted the tips in a way I did not mean you too: they are meant as satire. I believe tips like those above from Gok Fran make girls feel less confident, and therefore more inclined to waste money on expensive beauty products. The best way to make girls more confident, in my opinion, is to help them separate their sense of self-worth from their perceived physical attractiveness.

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